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Let's Explore the Striker Game 

Striker is a new game that allows players to place bets faster and easier.
With Striker you can earn as much as €10 000 with a single bet! 
All you need to do is place a bet, choose a winning number or a range and wait till the lever is struck. The puck will rise and show the winning number.

How to Play 

The player needs to place a bet and “predict” a winning number or a range.


The player then should wait till the lever is struck and the puck is risen to indicate the winning number.


The player wins if his or hers prediction was correct and the puck landed on the number that was within the chosen range.


The player loses if his or her prediction wasn’t in the range that the puck landed on


Before the round starts the player needs to place his/her bet.


The player can use "auto bet" feature. 


Minimum bet amount per round is €0.1.


Maximum bet amount per round is €100.


Maximum win amount is €10 000.


The player can place 2 bets simultaneously during a single round.


The higher the chosen range (number) the higher the coefficient is. 


The winning amount is calculated by multiplying the coefficient by the bet's amount.