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Get additional winnings on multi bets with VBET


Place a MULTIPLE bet on any market of any sport and get additional winning according to the selection number given in the ticket.


Here is how to claim your offer


  • Make a Multiple bet of 3 or more legs
  • With a minimum of 1.3 odds
  • And, we will boost your winnings up to 100%




Bonus percentages are given in the column below:


Number of selectionsCASH Bonus
3 selections Boost 3%
4 selections Boost 5%
5 selections Boost 10%
6 selectionsBoost 15%
7 selectionsBoost 20%
8 selections Boost 25%
9 selections Boost 30%
10 selections Boost 35%
11 selections Boost 40%
12 selectionsBoost 45%
13 selectionsBoost 50%
14 selections and moreBoost 100%



*The bonus will be calculated according to the example showcased below:




I bet 15 € on an odds of7 with a total of 7 selections. So 20% of my earnings are boosted in CASH.

I win 105 € + 18 € of CASH boosted winnings (Net winnings 15 x 7 = 105 € + boosted winnings: (105 € - 15 €) x 20% = 18 €) for a total of 123 € of winnings.



Terms and Conditions 


  • This offer is open to verified VBET users
  • This offer is only eligible if the bet comes from the player's main account and an amount of €0.10 minimum.
  • If the min odd is 1.3, the player has made a 5 selection bet, but 2 selections are under 1.3. In this case, the bonus will be calculated as for three-selection bet bonus conditions.
  • Bets placed with free bets do not qualify for Multi Boost.
  • Selections can be made on all sports in pre-match or live on all types of bets (match result, scorer, set winner)
  • Single and system bets are not eligible for Multi Boost.
  • Combined bets with boosted odds do not qualify for Multi Boost.
  • Combined bets that have used Cash Out do not qualify for Multi Boost.
  • Bets for which the Edit Bet function has been used, the Multi Boost is calculated, taking into account the changes made with Edit Bet.
  • If a selection is lower than the minimum odds or if a selection is canceled or postponed, the bet is demoted by 1 selection. Example: if 1 selection out of 13 is canceled, the Multi Boost will be demoted to the category of 12 selections.
  • The odds for each selection must be greater than or equal to 1.30. If the minimum odds are not respected on one of the selections, this selection will not be taken into account. For example, if your combined have 5 selections, but 2 selections have an odds of less than 1.30, the Multi Boost will be calculated with 3 selections.
  • In case 1 selection is under min odd (including the voids as well), the bet is downgraded to -1 selection less promotion (n-x).

For example: If 1 selection out of 13 is voided, the bet falls under the 12 selection bonus category.

  • Multi Boost only applies to net winnings (betting winnings - initial bet). The payout of the Multi Boost is equal to (winnings from bets - initial wager) multiplied by the percentage of the odds selected.
  • Your earnings are calculated automatically.
  • The CASH bonus will be credited to the player's main account within 24 hours of the outcome of the bet.
  • Maximum €20,000 extra winnings



General Terms and Conditions


  • By accepting and receiving the offer, the player confirms that they have read the terms and conditions of the offer.
  • In the event of technical problems, the Company reserves the right to refuse payment of the bonus to the player.
  • The Company reserves the right to modify, cancel, suspend, or terminate the offer at any time and to cancel any bet in the event of improper practice.
  • The General Conditions apply.


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