Counter offer

Counter Offer – Increase the odd of your be

VBET has developed a new, exclusive feature - Counter Offer, which allows the customers increase the odd of the bet and of course, the prize.

Counter Offer terms and conditions
  1. Counter Offer feature is available on vbet.com only for the pre-match single bets on sports events, where the amount of the bets comprises $10 or more
  2. Counter Offer must be higher from the odd of the given event by maximum 3 percent
  3. The customer fills in the amount of the bet in the betting section and then his/her offered odd in the odds section
  4. The company reviews the odd offered by the customer and makes a decision on accepting or refusing the offer. Then the customer is informed about the decision via message 
  5. After making a decision regarding the odd offered by the customer, the company can offer a new odd which will be lower than the one offered by the customer but higher than the initial odd
Counter Offer is valid
  1. Only in case of pre-match bets
  2. Only in case of single bets
  3. If the amount of the bet comprises $10 and more
  4. If the odd offered by the customer doesn't exceed the defined odd by 3 percent
  5. If the customer's offer was accepted by the company
  6. If after learning about the company's decision regarding the offered odd the customer accepts it