WAZDAN Odyssey Promotion | €4,000

WAZDAN Odyssey Promotion | €4,000

11 June - 20 June


The first step always leads to another one, a bigger one, and this is how the journey begins.


Make your first step in Wazdan Odyssey journey from 11 June until 20 June and win your share of €4,000 total prize pool.


How to win

Your points are calculated depending on the highest value single spin win amount relative to your bet amount.


Higher the value of the amount you win in one single spin relative to your bet amount, higher your score:

score = (amount of win)/ (amount of bet)


The more points you collect, the higher your position on the leaderboard! Spins by bonus funds will not contribute towards the leaderboard. The guaranteed prize pool will be distributed among the winners as it is shown in the “Prizes” section of the “Tournaments” page.


Terms and Conditions


●     To register for the tournament, click on the “Join” button on the tournament page and confirm;

●     The leaderboard will be updated every 5 seconds;

●     All cash prizes will be deposited to the winner’s real accounts in 1 minute after the end of the tournament and can be withdrawn at any time. In case of a tie at the end of the tournament, the priority will be given to a player who registered for the tournament first;

●     Each player participating in the mentioned tournament authorizes and accepts the publication of his player ID for any purpose related to the tournament;

●     Company reserves the right to review all play and remove winnings in the event a Player is found cheating or if it is determined by the Company that Player has made use of a system designed specifically to cheat the Casino;

●     In case there are any inconsistencies in translated versions of these Terms and Conditions, the Armenian version shall be considered accurate;

●     Each player participating in the tournament recognizes to have read and accept this regulation;

●     The Company reserves the right to modify, cancel or terminate the tournament at any time;

●     VBET General terms and conditions apply.