INSTANT BONUS BlackJack, Red Dog

INSTANT BONUS BlackJack, Red Dog

Enjoy BlackJack and Red Dog games and multiply your win instantly.


Bonus period will start on October 2, 2019 and last till November 2, 2019.

Every Wednesday bonus starts at 18:00 and ends at 22:00.

Every Friday, Saturday bonus starts at 16:00 and ends at 20:00.

Only BlackJack and Red Dog games of  BetConstruct Live Casino section participate in this promo.


Promo Participation Conditions


Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday starting at 16:00 or 18:00 Promoters will randomly choose one of BlackJack or Red Dog tables and approach it. They will use Bonus Mini Fortune and Sand Watch during the promotion.


Bonus Mini Fortune has 12 sections displaying the odds by which your win will be multiplied.


4 sections with x 1

4 sections with x 2

2 sections with x 3

1 section with x 5

1 section with 0


Promoter turns the Sand Watch and if you get a Jack of Spades during this period, Promoter spins Mini Fortune.

If you do not get a Jack of Spades during this period, Promoter will approach another table.


When Promoters spin Mini Fortune for you, the section on which it stops, your main bet will be multiplied by that odd. Bet Behind Bets also participate in this promo: the win of Bet Behinds is paid 1:1 regardless of the result of Mini Fortune Spin and Game.

For example:

If your main bet is 3 €, Bet Behind is 2 € and if you have Jack of Spades, Promoter will spin the Fortune and if it stops on the x5 section, you will get 15 € for your main bet and 4 € for your Bet Behind, regardless of the outcome of the game.


The maximum payout of each Jack of Spades*:

BlackJack (Main Bet) – 500 €

BlackJack  (Bet Behind) – 50 €

Red Dog – 100 €


*Only one Jack of Spades is considered for a spin on 1 box during 1 round, no matter how many Jacks of Spades the player gets on that box.


*The more rounds you play and the more Jacks you have, more spins will be done and bigger the chance to raise your profit. 


Other Terms and Conditions


1.     Bonus win will be transferred to your account during 48 hours.

2.     The company has a right to review the whole game and cancel winnings, if it becomes clear that the player has made a fraud or used any system intended to defraud the Casino.

3.     Each participant taking part in this promo agrees upon and accepts the publication of their personal ID for any purpose connected to the event.

4.     Each participant, taking part in the bonus confirms having read and accepted the current rules.

5.     The company reserves a right to amend, cancel or terminate the bonus event anytime.

6.     Terms and Conditions represented by the company are valid for this promotion.