Live Casino  Roulette

Live Casino Roulette

109,000 EUR

Total prize pool

Play the roulettes of the best providers, participate in tournaments and win your share from the daily 3636 EUR prize pool


1.      Promotion period -June 17 to July 17, 2019.

2.      To participate in the tournament it is necessary to click on the “Join” button and confirm.

3.      Registration for the tournament is free of charge and open until the end of the tournament.

4.      The guaranteed prize pool will be distributed among the winners, as it is displayed in the “Prizes” section of the “Tournaments” page

5.      To participate in the tournament the Player should place a real money bet of at least 0.3 EUR.

6.      Win criteria – (winning/bet) + round (1) + (bet/minimal bet of the tournament (0.3 EUR)). As a result, the Player will collect points if the win recorded as a result of the bet is up to 3 times bigger than the placed bet. 


Bet amount - 2 EUR

Winning amount - 26 EUR

Number of bets - 1

Points = (26/2)+1+ (2/0.3)=20.66

7.      The more points the player accumulates, the higher their position on the leaderboard.

8.      The leaderboard will be updated every 5 seconds.

9.      The winnings will be deposited to the players’ special gaming accounts within a minute after the end of the tournament and can be withdrawn anytime. 

10.  In case of recording equal points after the end of the tournament, the Player who has registered for the tournament first, will be given an advantage. 

11.   Each Player participating in the current tournament authorizes and accepts the publication of their player ID for any purpose related to the tournament.

12.  The Organizer has a right to review the results of the tournament and cancel the winnings if it is revealed that the Player has used a special system intended to cheat the Organizer.

13.  Every Player participating in the tournament confirms to have read and accepted the current rules.

14.  The Organizer has a right to modify, cancel or terminate the tournament anytime.

15.  The general terms and conditions set by the Organizer apply for the current tournament.