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Chip to Minsk to get your €465 000


Guaranteed Trips  


63 trips5 trips32 trips
RPT Knockout Championship EventRPT High Roller EventRPT Main Event



• 18 of the trips are full packages that include the cost of the trip itself, the hotel accommodation and the entry fee.  


How to win a trip 
  1. It is necessary to take part in the daily online satellite tournaments available in VBET Poker Lobby within the promotion validity period from March 2, 2020, 00:01 (GMT +4) to March 29, 23:59 (GMT +4).
  2. The winners of daily satellite tournament will be automatically registered to the final satellite tournament and in case of winning they will win a trip to the corresponding RPT tournament taking place in the Minsk, Belarus from April 3 to April 13, 2020.  
  3. All the Players registered on the Organizer's website can win a trip.  



Other Provisions 
  1. The trips won within the promotion validity period are not subject to sale or transfer to a third party. In case a Player attempts to sell or transfer the trip or the package to a third party, they will be deprived of it.  
  2. If the same Player wins more than one trip or package, the winning will be cancelled and will be given to the Player following them on the leaderboard. 
  3. If the same player wins both a ticket and a full package for the same tournament, they can use the previous ticket as an entrance for other tournaments. 
  4. The Organizer has a right not to provide the winning (trip/package) if it is revealed that the Player has operated from more than one special gaming account, has applied a special program created to defraud the Organizer or has reached an agreement with another Player  
  5. The cost of the trip ticket will be transferred to the account of the winners of online satellite tournaments.  
  6. The organizer is obliged to cover the Player's expenses for the hotel accommodation and registration in the tournaments.  
  7. The Organizer reserves the right to amend, temporarily suspend or cancel the current promotion at any moment without warning in advance.  
  8. Each Player participating in the current promotion authorizes and accepts the publication of their personal ID for any reason connected to the current promotion.  
  9. The Organizer has a right to require the Player's personal documents. Not providing the above-mentioned documents may lead to the cancellation of the winning (ticket/package).  
  10. The General Terms and Conditions accepted by the Organizer apply also for the current promotion.  


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