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Poker Jackpot

Huge cash prizes must be won


Play Poker, Belote or Chingachoong with VBET – and you could win big money with Poker Jackpot. 

A part of your rake – a small percentage of the pot taken by the house – contributes towards the Jackpot prize pool when you play Poker, Belote or Chingachoong. 

The Poker Jackpot continues to grow until it is won following a random selection process. 


Depending upon how much you bet in this exclusive betting promotion, there are four levels of Jackpot to be won: 


Jackpot           Rake

Mini                 €0.09

Minor              €0.40

Major              €0.90

Mega              €1.70

Terms and Conditions


1. Poker Jackpot can only be won playing real money

2. Progressive Jackpot wins in this betting offer will be verified by the company’s operator

3. All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into

4. Each player participating in the mentioned promotion authorises and accepts the publication of their username for any purpose related to the promotion

5. Each player participating in the promotion recognises to have read and accepted this regulation

6. The company reserves the right to change the Jackpot rules at any time and for any period


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