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Live casino  “Queen of hearts” Blackjack 

It is time to catch the “Queens of Hearts”. Celebrate the lovers' day with the “Queen of Hearts” promotion in Blackjack by BetConstruct and receive a bonus of €114 for each “Queen of Hearts” card.      


Terms and conditions  


1. The tournament will start on February 14, 2020, at 12:00 and will be over on the same day at 16:00 (GMT+4)

2. The “Angel of love” will randomly approach Blackjack table with its hourglass. If within 15 minutes the Player's hand opens the “Queen of Hearts”, they will receive a €114 bonus

3. During the promotion validity period each Player will receive a €114 bonus for the “Queen of Hearts” card opened in each round within the 15 minutes set by the “Angel of Love”    

*only one “Queen of Hearts” is considered during 1 round for 1 box, regardless of the number of Queens of hearts the Player receives during the given round for the given box  

4. The  more rounds you take part in and the more “Queens of Hearts” you receive, the more the opportunities you have to receive a bonus.

5. All the Blackjack tables by BetConstruct provider will take part in the promotion.

6. Bet behind bets also participate in the bonus offer. Bet behind bets also participate in the bonus offer and will get €14. 

7. The bonus of €114 will be provided within 48 hours



Other provision  


1. The Organizer has a right to review the tournament results and cancel winnings if it is revealed that the Player has used a special program created to defraud the Organizer. 

2. Each Player participating in the current promotion authorizes and accepts the publication of their personal ID for any purpose related to the promotion. 

3. Each Player participating in the promotion confirms having read and accepted the current rules. 

4. The Organizer has a right to amend, cancel or terminate the current promotion anytime

5. The General terms and conditions set by the Organizer apply for the current promotion


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