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€50, 000 Total Prize Pool & 4 weeks to win real wins


VBET’s users have a super chance to win from €50, 000 Total Prize Pool. Join the four-week grandiose Tournament from the Promotions page, and earn points by playing Live Casino BJ and Hold’em tables games. Defined minimum bet ranges for each game type are as follows:

  • Blackjack - min. bet €10
  • Hold’em - min. bet €1.5


So all you’ve got to do is to gain points which will promote you on the tournament leaderboard. The bigger the amount of the points, the higher the chances of taking leading positions on the board.


All it takes to join in the 50K Tournament is to:


  • Log in to your VBET account
  • Bet min. €5 on Blackjack and min. €5 on Hold’em 
  • Play 1 week BJ, 1 week Hold’em with the following win criteria: SingleWin/SingleBet+1+SingleBet/MinBetAmount

Save the date - Start date/time 03.07.20 00:01; end date/time   30.07.20 23:59

03.07.20 00:01 - 09.07.20 23:59
17.07.20 00:01 - 23.07.20 23:59

10.07.20 00:01 - 16.07.20 23:59
24.07.20 00:01 - 30.07.20 23:59



Awarding will take place at the end of every week.

The total price pool will be divided into 4 parts, which is EUR 12500

1. First place - 25% - EUR 3 125

2. Second place - 20% - EUR 2 500

3. Third place - 15% - EUR 1 875


4-9 places will share the 25% - EUR 3125

4-th place - EUR 521

5-th place - EUR 521

6-th place - EUR 521

7-th place - EUR 521

8-th place - EUR 521

9-th place - EUR 521


10-15 places will share 15%


10-th place - EUR 312

11-th place EUR 312

12-th place - EUR 312

13-th place - EUR 312

14-th place - EUR 312

15-th place - EUR 312



Terms and Conditions

  1. The tournament will run from 00:01 GMT+4 on 03 July 2020 to 23:59 GMT+4 on 30 July 2020.
  2. To participate in the campaign, players must place bets with a minimum qualifying amount: EUR 5 for Blackjack and EUR 5 for Hold 'em.
  3. The minimum bet required to qualify is EUR 5 for Blackjack and EUR 1.5 for Hold 'em or equivalent currency.
  4. Any points earned during the qualifying game round will be added to the player's points total after qualification is completed.
  5. Live Duo tournament is available to play for real mode only.
  6. The promo is available in the licensed markets 
  7. Any win will contribute to the Player's Total score that will be shown on the Leaderboard. The total score is calculated by adding the points scored during all rounds played on participating games during the qualification and post-qualification phases.
  8. Points are calculated round-by-round, meaning that during the mentioned dates for each game kind, 1 point will count for each bet within qualifying minimums.
  9. The total prize pool in this campaign is EUR 50 000
  10. The cash prizes will be credited to the players' accounts after the promotion and have no wagering requirements.
  11. All prizes will be displayed in AMD in the tournament. However, the winners will be credited in each winners' respective currency.
  12. Newly registered users can participate, too, as long as their profile is verified, the date/time of the verification period is not applicable for the promo.
  13. Accumulate points that promote them on the tournament leaderboard. The bigger the number of points, the bigger the chance of taking leading positions on the board.
  14. The prizes are credited at the end of every wave, weekly.
  15. The users that have been blocked from the website by the company are considered locked.
  16. Self-excluded - the users that have autonomously chosen to permanently their accounts.


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