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Login & Registration


Menu is the first screen of the application where you can login, register or play a free game to explore the casino. If you have a compatible VR headset connected you will see the button to play with VR, if not the 3D mode button will be available always, which will open the game in 3D usual computer mode.

The game itself is a tutorial and will guide you to play the game. In any case How to play button is there to help you. Read the instruction.

If you do not have an account on the website, you are offered to register and confirm your age. Subsequently, this new registered account will receive an email from “Vbet” and complete the registration steps by clicking on the provided link. If the account is registered for the first time, you can link their bank card to the account. Alternatively, refill it in the future via terminals, for this each participant is given a unique ID number.

Controllers and Inputs

In VR mode if you play with Oculus Rift you will need two Oculus Touches. Oculus Touches are designed to fit in your hands and casino uses it for natural hand movements and actions. It is better to know what each button does and affect the game. A few tricks will be mentioned below for you to use casino as easy as possible.

Here is the image of Oculus Touches and corresponding actions.

  • Right Thumb stick - Moving the joystick right and left you can rotate the view to the side you moved
  • Index Trigger – Bends your index finger by not pressing it you will raise your finger and press physical buttons.
  • Secondary Hand Trigger – bend the fingers except thumb and index. You can press only this button and with your raised index finger you can interact with objects, like touch and press.
  • A button – Activates the teleport and you can point the circle where you want to move and it will change your location immediately.
  • B button – When you look at slot machines or sport bar chairs you will see a yellow highlight which reminds you that you can sit and play. By pressing B button, you will sit on the chair and the machine will activate.
  • X button – If you forgot the place of buttons there is an option to change your hands with Oculus touches. So press X button to change it and if you want your hands back, press it again.

If you want to also bend your thumb you just need to put your thumb anywhere on the touch where it is comfortable for you.

We have created a quick menu for you to choose your game in a second or Exit the game. What you need to do is to look at your left palm and the menu will appear. You can interact it with your index finger.

When you play with 3D mode.

To move you need to use W, A, S, D buttons (W – forward, S – backwards, A – left, D – right).

And if you want to change the direction or move the camera around just move your mouse to the direction you want to move. If you want to sit on a chair of sport bar or just sit in front of a slot machine move close to it and look at the chair. If you see a yellow highlight press “E” button and you will sit automatically. To get up just press “E” button again.

You will see a white cursor in the middle of the screen that’s the cursor which you should use to click anything on the game. Just point the cursor where you want to click and press left mouse button (or the button you choose for your default). If it is possible to make the click you will see the result.

Where you can click?

Video tutorial