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Straight Outta Home 4 Trips to Cyprus


VBET Backgammon is drawing four trips to the upcoming LIMAK OPEN taking place in Northern Cyprus. 

Move the Backgammon checkers to your own “home” faster than your opponents, then be the first to move them “out of the home” and travel to Cyprus to take part in the live backgammon tournament with a €90 000prize pool taking place from May 13 to May 17. 

The promotion will be valid from March 8, 2020, 00:01 (GMT +4) to Mach 29, 23:59.


How to win a trip  

  1. All the Players registered on the Organizer’s website can win a trip.
  2. To win a trip, it is necessary to join the tournament“1 Trip to Cyprus” within its validity period every Sunday, at 21:00 (GMT +4) and make an entry fee payment.
  3. Every Player can win only one trip. If the same Player wins the second trip, the latter will be given to the Player following them on the leaderboard.
  4. The trips include the live tournament registration and entry fee costs, as well as a six-day accommodation.


Other provisions 
  1. The Organizer is obliged to take care of all the Player’s expenses regarding the registration in the live tournament and the hotel.
  2. The winning Player is obliged to pay for the trip.
  3. The Player winning the trip is obliged to take care of the embassy and Visa issues.
  4. The trips are not subject to sale or transfer to another person.
  5. The trip value will not be refunded by the Organizer if the Player winning the trip does not leave for Cyprus. 
  6. The Organizer has a right not to provide the winning (the trip), if it is revealed that the Player has operated from more than one gaming accounts, has applied a special program created to defraud the Organizer or has reached an agreement with another Player.  
  7. The Organizer has a right to amend, temporarily terminate or cancel the current promotion anytime, without prior notice.  
  8. The Organizer has a right to demand the Players’ personal identification documents. Not providing the documents may lead to the cancellation of the winnings.  


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