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Cash Race Monthly prize pool €2200

New promotion from Vbet Backgammon 


Terms and conditions 


1. The promotion starts in the beginning of each month and ends in the end of the month (4 weeks)

2. During promotion, there will be 4 weekly leaderboards

3. Players will receive leaderboard points by playing on backgammon cash tables

4. Points calculation formula: 1C bet = 0,5 points.

5. The monthly €2200 prize pool is divided into €550 weekly prize pools, i.e. every Monday, from 00:01 a new calculation of points kicks off, that lasts 7 days.

6. There are 20 winning positions. The Players who take the positions from 1-10 will receive winnings (monetary prizes), and the 11-20 positions will win seats to online backgammon tournaments according to the table noted in the point 7 of the current promotion.

7. The weekly €550 prize pool and trips to the online tournaments will be distributed the following way:




PositionNicknamePointsPrize PositionNicknamePointsPrize
1OMEGA133028.5135 € 11ZORRO1963255.751500C tournament ticket
2GRANTO2900100 € 12Vachik82243.25800C tournament ticket
3Melikyan19..76970 € 13STRASHNAYA225800C tournament ticket
48080852250 € 14hoparins180.25500C tournament ticket
5NiceDice48445 € 15CONORMCGRE..180.25500C tournament ticket
6UstaKerob435.2540 € 16inga18175.5500C tournament ticket
7Isabela23362.535 € 17AbRiCoS170.5300C tournament ticket
8753753730330 € 18ABED165.5300C tournament ticket
9Arsh1987277.2525 € 19daryush155.75300C tournament ticket
10ahot257.72520 € 20NAYBOKAN155.075300C tournament ticket



8. The leaderboard will be available in the “Promo” section of the current promotion.

9. The points will be updated every day, no later than 12:00.

10. Prizes will be granted on each Monday, no later that 12:00.

11. Each player participating in the current promotion authorizes and accepts the publication of their 12. Client ID for any purpose related to the promotion;

13. The Company has a right to review the whole game and cancel winnings in case it becomes clear that the player has applied an external software intervention.

14. The Organizer reserves the right to modify, cancel or terminate the promotion at any time.

15. The Organizes reserves rights to disqualify player(s) from promotion at any time.



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