Live Casino

Blast – a new dynamic game 


Use your new precise weapon to win! 
Place fast bets, wait for the increase of the odds, avoid the fire of the BLAST and win up to €11,000

Game rules


  1. To activate the BLAST it is necessary to place a bet before the beginning of the game, and then click on the “Bet” button to confirm your participation
  2. Minimum bet amount - €0,04   
    Maximum bet amount - €110
    Maximum win amount -  €11,000
  3. If you do not manage to place a bet according to the set timing, the given round starts without your participation
  4. You can place a bet for the next round by clicking the “Bet for the next” button. You can also play in “Auto” mode by filling in the displayed corresponding fields and clicking the “Start” button
  5. Alongside the start of the round, the odds of your bet start to increase from 1.00, and continue increasing until the Blast shoots. Increase of the bet odds can be stopped at any moment. To win in the game you have to click on the Cashout button before the Blast shoots
  6. If you click on the Cashout button before the explosion, the win is registered according to the current odds. If you don’t manage to click on the Cashout button before the explosion, you lose the bet amount
  7. The win is settled the following way - your bet multiplied by the odds of the win


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