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€1 400 Become one of the best players!


Masters of backgammon! Come to VBET, compete to see whose dice are bigger, and as a result receive points suiting an ace. Automatically register in the exclusive ACE-16 tournament and receive your share from €1 400


How to participate in the ACE-16 tournament 


  • From May 1 to May 31 play in the Backgammon cash tables and participate in tournaments. 
  • For each cash table game with the bets of 1C you will receive 1 point. The top 8 players who accumulate the highest points in cash games will be automatically registered in ACE-16 exclusive tournament.
  • Besides the cash games, you can also accumulate points by taking part in the Asian tournaments starting at 00:00, 17:00 and 23:00 (+4 GMT), as a result of which, the top 8 players with the highest points will be automatically registered in the ACE-16 exclusive tournament.

The points in the tournaments will be provided as follows: 


23:00 Asian

00:00 (150C Asian)  and 17:00 (250C Asian)

1st position – 32 points

1st position - 16 points

2nd position -30  points

2nd position - 15 points

3rd-4th positions -27  points

3rd-4th positions - 13,5 points

5th-8th positions - 21 points

5th-8th positions -10,5 points

9th-16th positions- 9 points

9th-16th positions- 4,5 points


  • ACE-16 exclusive tournaments will take place on June 7 


The total prize pool will be distributed among the top 16 Players according to the table presented below 


1st position -25%
2nd position - 15%
3rd-4th positions - 10% to each
5th-8th positions - 5% to each
9th-16th positions –2.5% to each


  • In case of equal results the amount of participation in cash games and tournaments will be taken into consideration. 
  • The winnings will be transferred to the winners' special gaming accounts immediately after the end of ACE-16 exclusive tournament.


PositionNicknamePoints PositionNicknamePoints
1GRANTO49740 1SiSi333562
2OMEGA1345917 2AbRiCoS543
3armavi36642 3Bombardier1492.5
468153622699.5 4Twain487
51988SLON16255.5 5AAA50477.5
6Vado15911.9 6Chekist475.5
7753753714133.5 7Carlson467.5
8arturaram10014 8Hovo0199456
9Asala9998492.5 9ZORRO1963438
10arsenis6141 10levan1431
11Innsunerku4980 11NiceDice424.5
12shant01014913 127537537390
13Hrant084737 13Barca69389.5
14Vachik824519.5 14digger56358.5
15AbRiCoS4409 15NAYBOKAN336.5
16UstaKerob4101.5 16Henrik62335.5
17808084036.5 17mxm82mxm320
18Anbashar3739.5 18MIILORD318.5
19Karapetyan..3714 19Anbashar315.5
20zzMaNaNa3664.5 20Hayk73310.5



Other Provisions


  • The Organizer reserves the right to amend, temporarily suspend or cancel the current promotion anytime. 
  • Each Player taking part in the current promotion authorizes and accepts the publication of the personal ID for any purpose related to the current promotion. 
  • The Organizer has a right to require the Player's personal identification documents. Not providing them may lead to not providing of the winning. 
  • The General Terms and Conditions set by the Organizer apply also for the current tournament. 

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