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Edit bet


Make changes on a betting slip with Edit Bet. 

Add, remove or change bets on a betting slip when Cash Out is available for unsettled bets. 

Edit Bet is available for single and multiple bets. 

Add another bet in a single bet to make it a multiple bet or remove a bet to make it a single bet. 

Edit Bet is available with active betting slips that include finished events and betting events that have not yet taken place. 

Edit Bet must include at least one betting event that has not yet taken place. 

Use Edit Bet and your new stake will equal the current Cash Out value of the bet. 

Edit Bet puts you in control.


How to use Edit Bet:
  1. Login to your VBET.com account
  2. Go to My Bets
  3. Click Edit Bet on the upper-right corner of betting slip
  4. Unfinished events appear in edited betting slip
  5. Choose the bet(s) to be edited
  6. Possible winnings appear in lower-left corner of betting slip
  7. Click Save the Changes


Add a bet:
  1. Click Add Event button on the betting slip
  2. You will be transferred to the VBET homepage
  3. Choose any new event
  4. Click Add to the Bet on the lower part of the edited betting slip
  5. Click Save the Changes


Remove a bet:
  1. Click X towards the right of the chosen event
  2. The event will be removed from the betting slip
  3. Click Save the Changes



Terms and conditions:
  1. You can click Cancel at any time before you confirm an Edit Bet change
  2. Edit Bet cannot be used with any free bets
  3. VBET holds no responsibility if Edit Bet is not available due to technical issues, when bets will stand as originally placed
  4. 18+. Please gamble responsibly. BeGambleAware.org



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