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Blast is a new game that allows players to place bets faster and easier. With Blast you can earn as much as 10,000 USD with a single bet! All you need to do is place a bet and cashout before the crash.
How to Play

1. To play Blast you should place a bet before the beginning of the game, and then click on the “Bet” button to confirm your participation. If you don’t manage to place a bet on time, the given round starts without your participation. You can place a bet for the next round by clicking on the “Bet for the next round” button. You can also play in “Auto” mode, by filling in the corresponding fields displayed in the game and clicking on “Start” button : 
2. Alongside the start of the round, the odds of your bet start to increase from 1.00 before the blast explosion. The increase of the bet odds can stop anytime.

3. To win in the game, you should click on “Cashout” button before the blast explosion. 
4. If you click on “Cashout” button before the explosion, the win is registered according to the odds of the given moment. If you do not manage to click on “Cashout” button before the explosion, you lose the bet amount. 
5. The win is settled the following way – your bet multiplied by the odds of your win. 
6. Auto-Cashout feature is activated from 1.01X, and it allows to automatically make a Cashout by selecting the odds in advance. It is just necessary to note the odds you want to make an “Auto Cashout” with in the corresponding field. If the bomb doesn’t reach the selected odds, you lose the bet amount. This feature doesn’t deprive you of making a Cashout on your own. E.g. if you have activated “Auto Cashout” feature from the odds of 10, you can make a Cashout for up to the odds of 10 any time after the start of the game.
7. When the game finishes on the number 1, it means the bets of all the players have lost completely.

8. Learn about the game via video clip

9. Use your new precise weapon to win!

Blast is a new game that allows players to place bets faster and easier.