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Big Prizesome €1 000 000


With VBET, a single game can turn into an explicit wave of emotions. 


Play any slot game from the collection and score the highest win from a single spin to win your share of the €1 000 000 total prize pool. Top 400 players on the leaderboard with the best winning scores will win a share of the weekly €70 000 prize pool at the end of each weekly tournament, starting from 00.01 GMT+4 on Sunday, March 8, 2020, to 23.59 GMT+4 on Saturday, June 13, 2020.


Here is how to claim your share.


1. LOG IN to your Vbet account

2. JOIN from the Tournaments page to confirm that you want to take part

3. Score the highest Win from a Single Spin in any of the eligible games to win your share of the €70 000 weekly prize pool.




Start DateEnd DatePrize Pool
08.03.2020 00:0114.03.2020 23:59€70 000
15.03.2020 00:0121.03.2020 23:59€70 000
22.03.2020 00:0128.03.2020 23:59€70 000
29.03.2020 00:0104.04.2020 23:59€70 000
05.04.2020 00:0111.04.2020 23:59€70 000
12.04.2020 00:0118.04.2020 23:59€70 000
19.04.2020 00:0125.04.2020 23:59€70 000
26.04.2020 00:0102.05.2020 23:59€70 000
03.05.2020 00:0109.05.2020 23:59€70 000
10.05.2020 00:0116.05.2020 23:59€70 000
17.05.2020 00:0123.05.2020 23:59€70 000
24.05.2020 00:0130.05.2020 23:59€70 000
31.05.2020 00:0106.06.2020 23:59€70 000
07.06.2020 00:0113.06.2020 23:59€70 000 + €20 000 mega prize for the winner of last 400th place


Terms and Conditions
  1. The promotional period will begin at 00.01GMT+4 on Sunday, 8th March 2020, and end at 23.59 GMT+4 on Saturday, 13th June 2020.
  2. To register for the tournament, click on the "Join" button on the tournaments page and confirm.
  3. Registration is free of charge and opens until the end of the tournament.
  4. The minimum number of spins to qualify for the tournament is one real spin.
  5. Each of fourteen separate tournaments with the prize pool of €70 000 is time-based. Only bets fully completed within each tournament timeframe will count towards the total.
  6. The leaderboard will display a total of 400 players with the highest number of points. 
  7. The highest win with the single spin adjusted to tournament minimum bet determines the player's position on the leaderboard. The best score for each hour will be kept during each tournament period. So, for example, if a player has won €10 with €0,20 stake (worth 50 points) and then gets €20 win, the best score will be 100 points. If the same player now wins a further €100 with €40 stake (100/0,20 (Tournament Min Bet) =500), taking the best score to 500 and then gets another win of €50, the current best score will again be 500 points.
  8. The total points collected during every hour will determine the player's position on the weekly leaderboard, the more points you collect, the higher your position on the leaderboard.
  9. The leaderboard will be updated every 5 seconds.
  10. The Top 400 qualifying players who score the Highest Win from a Single Spin across the eligible games at the end of each tournament will win a share of a €70 000 weekly prize pool.
  11. Each €70 000 Prize Pool is as follows: 1st Place: €15 000/ 2nd Place: €8 800/3rd Place: €7,000/ 4th Place: €3,500/ 5th Place: €1,750/ 6th Place: €1,400/ 7th Place: €1,050/ 8th Place: €875/ 9th- 10th Place: €525/ 11th-15th Place: €350/ 16th-25th Place: €263/ 26th-50th Place: €175/ 51st-100th: €140/ 101st-150th Place: €88/ 151st -250th Place: €53/ 251st-400th Place €28.
  12. All cash prizes will be deposited to the winner's real accounts at the end of the tournament and can be withdrawn at any time. 
  13. If it's a tie at the end of the tournament, the first registered player will have a higher position on the leaderboard.
  14. The company reserves the right acting reasonably to withhold, restrict or cancel this offer from individual account holders in breach of these terms and conditions or breach of our General Terms and Conditions.
  15. The company reserves the right to change or end any promotion if required for legal and/or regulatory reasons.
  16. Each player participating in the tournament recognizes to have read and accepted this regulation.
  17. The company's General Terms and Conditions are applicable for the current tournament.



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