Will Salvini address Russian money allegations in parliament?

The U.S. website Buzzfeed  had received an audio recording of talks in Moscow in October 2018 among three Italians including a close aide of Italy's Deputy Prime Minister MateoSalvini, Gianluca Savoini, and three unidentified Russian men.
During that meeting, the six men discussed a possible deal involving a Russian company selling oil worth some $1.5 billion at a discount to enable the League to pocket part of the difference.
There was no evidence the transaction took place, the website reported.
“Never taken a ruble, a euro, a dollar or a liter of vodka in financing from Russia,” Salvini said in a statement, adding that he would sue anyone who accused him of such crimes.
The opposition center-left Democratic Party  demanded that Salvini appear in parliament to address the allegations.
Source: Euronews