Will talks begin between Sudan's military leaders and opposition?

The Ethiopian mediator between the two sides said that talks on restoring a civilian administration would begin soon.


A member of the TMC, Salah Abdelkhalek, told BBC Arabic that it might agree to "equal" power sharing with the opposition adding that the new council should be from the military.


However, he said that TMC was willing to negotiate without preconditions.


The opposition Forces for Freedom and Change insist they are not about to return to the negotiating table. For now, any contact between both sides will take place via international mediators.


It is negotiation of a sort – but the opposition insists that before face to face talks begin, six conditions need to be met:


  • removal of military from streets
  • international investigation into the killings
  • release of all detainees
  • return of internet
  • freedom of the press
  • Transitional Military Council to take responsibility for the assault on the protest zone



So far they have only the promise of prisoner releases.



Source: BBC