Will Pedro Pierluisi be confirmed as governor of Puerto Rico?

A political crisis has affected Puerto Rico as island's Senate decided to cancel the confirmation vote of an interim governor  Pedro Perluisi, who substituted the lately-resigned Ricardo Rossello after a corruption scandal. The senators argued that Pierluisi'ds accession is illegitimate, since he hawn's sworn in by the Senate. Now the case will be considered by Puerto Rico's Supreme Court, which will decide if Pierluisi's  accession will continue.
In a written statement Pierluisi said: "In my life I have always acted in good faith and in accordance with the law. This is no exception. I am committed to serving my people in these difficult times, during which we all need peace and stability." "I acknowledge that the Puerto Rico Senate has brought a lawsuit to challenge my swearing in as Governor and that it now seeks to have the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico resolve the matter," he added.
"The people of Puerto Rico may rest assured that its Government will continue to fulfill its mission without interruption or delay,” he concluded.
The source: The Weekly Journal