Will Hong Kong drop extradition bill?


Thousands of enraged protesters have been flooding the central streets of Hong Kong, demonstrating  against controversial extradition bill, that would allow Beijing to legally request any suspected offenders to the mainland for investigative and court actions.
Near the main vehicle entrance to the complex, protesters engaged in shouting matches with the police, daring them to use pepper spray to force them to disperse.
Critics fear the bill will undermine the independence of Hong Kong's legal system and put Hong Kong citizens and foreign nationals at risk by allowing suspects to be sent to mainland China for trial.
The move has propelled over a million Hong Kong  residents to the streets, where they have blocked  the roads and pedestrian overpasses surrounding the city's legislature building  Legislative Council (Legco)  in the heart of the city, urging the Council to put off the debate over the bill with a vote expected on June 20. 
The source: Aljazeera