Will Boris Johnson call a snap general election?

Boris Johnson, UK
UK's new PM Boris Johnson has promised to take the country out of the EU by October 31 but this could prove harder with a dwindling parliamentary majority.
Calling an early general election would give him hope of getting more MPs elected that are behind his Brexit plan.
"We could have a general election very soon," said shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth on Sky News on August 4.
Johnson's choice in advisers has also added fuel to the fire: Dominic Cummings — who ran the Vote Leave operation and is credited with helping to swing the Brexit referendum.
"Giving Cummings such an important, if ill-defined, role suggests Johnson intends to be governing in campaign mode," John Rentoul, The Independent's chief political commentator, told Euronews.
But the chairman of ruling Conservative Party  James Cleverly said the party would not "initiate" a general election.
Source: Euronews