Will Algeria hold an election by the end of August?

Algeria's army chief Ahmed Gaid Salah has called for new presidential elections rejecting preconditions from opposition, which he says stifle country's chances for peaceful resolution of the current political crisis.
Algerians have taken to the streets every Tuesday and Friday since February, demanding political change, leading to the removal of veteran President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on April 2. Afterwards, Algerians failed to hold an election, as the opposition leaders demanded that all key figures of the old elite be removed from positions of power.
"There is no more time to lose," said army chief Ahmed Gaid Salah during a speech to a ceremony, which was broadcast on the television, slamming what he called "preconditions which amount to diktats".
"Elections are the essential point around which dialogue must focus, a dialogue that we welcome and hope will be successful," said Gaid Salah. 

A seven-member committee has been set up tasked by interim President Abdelkader Bensalah with discussing arrangements for the next election, after Bouteflika resigned following two decades in power.
The source: Aljazeera