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What are the sports betting rules for UK & Irish Horse Racing?

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1. Late withdrawals:

Where a horse is withdrawn before coming under starter’s orders or is officially deemed by the starter to have taken no part in the race, stakes will be returned on the withdrawn horse and winning bets will be subject to deductions following Tattersalls’ Rule #4. The rate of deduction will be based on the following scale:


1.12 or lower - 90 %


1.13-1.19 - 85 %


1.20-1.27 - 80 %


1.28-1.33 - 75 %


1.34-1.44 - 70 %


1.45-1.57 - 65 %


1.58-1.66 - 60 %


1.67-1.83 - 55 %


1.84-1.99 - 50 %


2.00-2.24 - 45 %


2.25-2.59 - 40 %


2.60-2.79 - 35 %


2.80-3.39 - 30 %


3.40-4.19 - 25 %


4.20-5.40 - 20 %


5.50-6.99 - 15 %


7.00-10.99 - 10 %


11.00 and higher - No deduction

In the event of two or more horses being withdrawn before coming under starter’s orders, the total deductions shall not exceed 90p in the £. Should a horse be withdrawn and a new market formed, any bets laid at show prices before the new show will be subject to the above deductions. In the event of a further withdrawal after the market has been re-formed, bets placed at show prices in the original market will be subject to a further deduction based on the price of the withdrawn horse in the original market. Bets placed in the new market will be subject to a deduction based on the current price.

The above scale will also apply in the case of non-runners in early-bird races.

Where the total deduction on the market in which you have placed your bet is 5p in the £, as a concession, the deduction will be waived.


2. Bet acceptance and settlement:

Bets are accepted for horse race meetings held under the rules of the British Horseracing Authority and Irish Turf Club. Bets on horse racing are settled on the official result. However, a special double result concession is available on horse racing in the UK and Ireland where we payout on the official result and first-past-the-post. The concession applies to win single and multiple bets and winners in each way bets. There is no restriction on staking.

The exceptions where we do not pay out on both the official result and first-past-the-post are as follows: – the Grand National; an ante-post bet; void race; a selection taking the wrong course; a selection given as the winner in error by the judge; a selection carrying the wrong weight or the jockey failing to weigh in; a bet placed on the favourite; a bet placed on a two-runner race.

Where a result is amended after the weigh-in, for example, as the result of a successful appeal, the amendment will be ignored for settlement purposes.

All bets are deemed to be for races taking place on the day of acceptance unless stated otherwise. However, allowances will be made where racecards are printed in advance such as Sunday’s racecards printed on a Saturday.

All bets on the UK and Irish horse racing are settled at starting price returns. The starting price (SP) is the price available at the ‘off’ of the race.

Where a VBET SP or Industry SP is returned, this will take precedence over any other declared SP and will be used to settle bets where no show, ante-post is requested. Where no SP is returned and no show, ante-post price is requested settlement of bets will be based on the final show of betting.


3. Favorite Betting:

The favourite is the horse that is returned at the shortest odds. Bets nominating the favorite are accepted on a horse and greyhound races at starting price only (i.e. not for other events or on bets at show prices).

Where a VBET SP or Industry SP is returned, this will take precedence over any other declared SP and the favorite will be determined by the final show of betting.

Where a bet is placed on an unnamed favorite in a race where no starting prices are returned please refer to Rule #2.

Wherever you nominate the favourite and two or more runners start at the shortest odds, your stake is divided equally over the joint or co-favourites created. For example, wherever two are returned at the shortest odds, these two are joint-first and second favourites and the next shortest-price runner is the third favourite.

Stakes will be returned on single favourite bets where the return is either the same or less than the original outlay regardless of the result. For example, Evs joint-favourites, 3/1 co-favourites of four, etc. Whenever this situation occurs with joint or co-favourites in an accumulative bet the selection will be treated as a non-runner.

Win and each-way bets for first and second favourites are accepted on horse racing.

Whenever a horse is withdrawn not under starter's orders but is still returned favourite, bets on that favourite are considered void. Bets will not transfer to the second favourite.


4. Show prices:

Show prices are the current prices on offer at the course during the period before a race.

Prices for all races and events are subject to fluctuation.

If you wish to bet at show prices you must specify this when placing your bet.

Should a HORSE BE WITHDRAWN, resulting in a deduction under Tattersalls’ Rule #4, no show price can be laid after the time of withdrawal unless the market has been re-formed.

Each-way bets at a show or early-bird prices are governed by our SP place betting terms and determined by the number of actual starters, and not by the number of the declared runners when the price is laid.

We accept bets in races of two or more runners for named and numbered selections at current show prices. Where you take a show price on a selection, it will apply to that selection in all win and each-way bets throughout your bet.

Should a HORSE BE WITHDRAWN without coming under starter's orders in an early-bird race, stakes on that selection will be returned, with bets on other runners in the race subject to a deduction following Tattersalls’ Rule #4, based on the price of the non-runner at the time it is withdrawn. However, if the market has been re-formed because of an earlier non-runner, the deduction for bets placed in the original market will be based on the last price quoted for the non-runner in that market. Bets on horse race events placed after the final declaration stage are not ante-post and will be settled following these rules.

Sports Betting Rules