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What are the sports betting rules for Electronic Sports?

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Calculation of bets on cybersport is carried out based on the general rules, considering the specific features inherent to the given cybersport discipline.

Specific features of the bet calculation

Bo1, Bo2, Bo3 formats of cybersport games and the total number of maps in a match where it is necessary to collect prevailing number of victories. The winner of the match is determined by the sum of the won maps,

e.g. Bo3 – minimum 2 cards, 3 victories are necessary for Bo5, etc.

In case of any changes in the format (e.g. application on Bo5, but Bo3 will be played) all bets placed on the markets related to the number of matches will be calculated with the odds of “1”.

In case of a technical loss (DDoS-attack, connection problems, etc.) the late entry of the team or the participant or a refusal to continue due to some reasons, all bets placed on the outcomes undefined at the moment of the announcement are calculated with the odds of “1”,

even if the outcome is obvious, except for the cases of capitulation/surrendering (GG, Forfeit) of one of the teams according to the game rules.

If according to the regulation, one of the teams is given the victory in 1 “distant” match, the given “distant” match is not considered. In that case, the first match is considered the first one in the line which is the first real played match.

However, the distant match is taken into consideration in markets related to the number of matches.

In case the match is stopped for later restart, the results of the interrupted match are not considered.

In case of any changes of the team name that happen after the team leaves the organisation, joins another organisation or an official change of name takes place, the bets remain in force.

MOBA-Dota 2, League of Legends, King of Glory, etc.

The final calculation is carried out according to the data registered after the destruction of the main building (Castle/Nexus) of one of the opponents. Similarly, a calculation is done in case one of the team's surrenders

(the castle/nexus, in this case, isn’t destroyed directly by the opponent), and the victory is given to the opponent team.

The bet "First Blood" is interpreted as the murder of the first hero (champion) by the heroes (champions) of the opponent team. The first murder made by the opponent’s neutral units or crips/minions is not considered,

and the bet maintains its force before the first murder of the hero by the heroes of the opponent team.

In the case of surrendering, the final number of destroyed Towers and Inhibitors will be determined with the minimal number of the Towers and Inhibitors, necessary to win at the moment of surrendering.

These additional buildings will be considered as destroyed by the winning team.

CounterStrike, GlobalOffensive.

Victory in the round is reached with the murder of all the opponents on the map, with the undermining/neutralizing the bomb or the finish of time on the round timer.

The match starts after the first kill in a “pistol” round. Victory on the map is reached by winning in a minimum of 16 rounds (or following the tournament regulation).

In case of a draw on the map (when the total score of the rounds comprises 15-15) the organizers may set 6 or 10 additional rounds, so said overtime (OT). The victory in overtime is given to the team that reaches a 2-round advantage or, if one of the teams isn’t able to equalize the score with the opponent (e.g., in case of the score 19-15, 21-17, etc.). In case of a draw (21-21) additional 6 (10) rounds are set. Overtime is included in the calculation of markets.

Sports Betting Rules