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What are the sports betting rules for Badminton?

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If one of the planned participants is replaced by another one before the start of the match, rates on such an event shall be returned.

In the event of the carrying over of the match or, if the match is interrupted, all bets shall be returned except the ones the outcome of which is uniquely determined by the time of the stoppage (in case of interrupted matches). If a match is interrupted due to an injury or disqualification, and as a result of that a party is specified, the rates on pass remain in force who will progress into the next round.

The following methods of betting on badminton are accepted:

1. The winner of the match.

2. The winner of the set.

3. The winner of the tournament.

If the specified player did not participate in the given tournament, all bets on this player shall be returned.

4. Who will win the next pitch?

If the next pitch was not made in the match, all bets on that position are refundable.

5. The exact score.

If the match was interrupted or the regulated number of sets were not played, all bets on that position shall be refunded.

6. In this given type of sport, other outcomes can be offered apart from those mentioned above.

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