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What are the sports betting rules for American Football?

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The overtime should be taken into account in the calculation of all markets except "the first half/match", "the difference in points", and "the outcome of the fourth quarter".

If the match was interrupted for more than 24 hours, all bets are refunded, except the ones the result of which had been fixed by the time the match was stopped.

The following terms are suggested for betting on American football:

1. Winner.

Here you predict the outcome of the match. The rates are accepted. Overtime should be considered.

2. Total.

If at the end of the match the total number of goals scored equals to the total number of the rates, bets will be refunded. The same applies to both an individual player or a team of players. The rates are accepted taking into account the overtime.

3. Handicap.

If the handicap has only 2 options (win 1 or win 2, without the draw option) in case of a tie the bet is refunded, regardless of the period for which the match is open for bets.

4. The first half/match.

To win the bet, you have to guess the outcome of the first half and the outcome of the match. The overtime is not taken into account."

5. Rates on a quarter.

Rates are offered on the winner, the winner with a handicap or the total number of points corresponding to the quarter of the match. Which team is leading in the match after the corresponding quarter is not taken into account. The overtime is not taken into account.

6. The first/last scorer of a touchdown.

To win the bet, you should guess, respectively, the scorer of the first or last touchdown in the match. The player must play more than the first second in the match in order for bets to be considered valid, otherwise, bets will be void.

7. Betting on the first half.

To win a bet, you need to guess the winner of the first half of the match. Bets are void if the match is interrupted before the end of the second quarter.

8. First/next efficient play.

To win a bet, you need to guess the first/next efficient action, Scoring Play, touchdown, goal against the gates or safety. If a match was interrupted or ended up before the end of the touchdown, the goal against the gates or safety, bets will be void.

9. In this given type of sport, other outcomes can be offered apart from those mentioned above.

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