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Terms and conditions

Skill Games Jackpot is an unprecedented four-level progressive Jackpot that is formed from a certain share of the rake generated from cash tables in VBet Poker, Belote and ChingaChoong. The initial prize pool provided by the Organizer comprises € 9 100.

A share of the value of each generated rake from Poker and Belote cash games is contributed to the Jackpot fund, as a result the Jackpot grows.

The levels of Skill Games Jackpot are - Mini, Minor, Major, Mega. All of them can be won randomly.

The participant can win any Jackpot level if generated rake on the cash table is equal or more than the minimal limit of rake amount for the given level.



The participant is able to win random progressive Jackpot on all 4 levels in case he/she meets the requirement of generated rake for each level:

Mini, Minor, Major, Mega – €1.71

Mini, Minor, Major - €0.9-1.7

Mini, Minor - €0.4-0.9

Mini - €0.09-0.4


  • Generated rake of €0.09 - €0.4 have an opportunity to win only Mini level Jackpot.
  • Generated rake of €0.4 - €0.9 have an opportunity to win one of the two levels - Mini or Minor Jackpots.
  • Generated rake of €0.9 - €1.7 have an opportunity to win one of the three levels - Mini, Minor or Major Jackpots.
  • Generated rake of €1.71or more have an opportunity to take part in one of the four levels - Mini, Minor, Major or Mega Jackpots.

Participation Conditions


  1. The progressive Jackpot is formed on and it’s available on all platforms – desktop, mobile version and mobile application.
  2. Only generated cash game rake with €0.09 or more is participating in the promotion.
  3. Jackpot applies only on real money cash tables.
  4. After winning the Jackpot, a new one is being accumulated for a corresponding level. The Organizer guarantees an initial minimal prize pool, and sets the amount of the prize pool.
  5. Winnings of the progressive Jackpot are to be checked by the Organizer within 1 week. The progressive Jackpot will be automatically transferred to the winner’s personal gaming account.
  6. All the Organizer's decisions are final and are not subject to change or revision.
  7. In case of any software failure or other errors all the game results and payments are cancelled.
  8. Each Participant taking part in the Jackpot promotion accepts and allows the publication of their Client ID for any purpose regarding Jackpot.
  9. Each Jackpot promotion participant confirms reading and accepting the current rules.
  10. The Organizer reserves a right to change the Jackpot rules anytime and for any period of time.