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Will Julian Assange be expelled from Ecuador's London embassy?

Julian Assange is to be expelled from Ecuador’s London embassy within hours or days, according to a “high level” source quoted by WikiLeaks.
In a tweet sent on Thursday, WikiLeaks claims the Ecuadoarian state has an agreement with the UK for his arrest.
Assange has been living inside the London-based embassy since 2012 seeking refuge after a British judge ruled that he should be extradited to Sweden for sexual assault allegations.
Sweden dropped the case in 2017 but Mr Assange remains in the embassy following accusations of espionage.
He fears being extradited to the US to face charges over the WikiLeaks website's release of sensitive US government files.
The US wants Assange after Wikileaks hacked documents on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
In 2010, Wikileaks released footage from the Iraq war reportedly showing footage of soldiers shooting civilians. In the same year, the UK was on the verge of extraditing Assange.
Source: Euronews