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Is Sir Davos the Prince who was promised?

The red priestess Melisandre’s religion believes that a ‘Prince who was promised’ (also known as the Warrior of Light) will be reborn to save humanity from the long night, and to represent her god (R’hllor) on earth. According to Melisandre’s beliefs, the Warrior of Light will be “reborn amidst salt and smoke” and will be the one to pull a flaming sword out of the fire to prove him/herself. The sword will be known as Lightbringer and it’ll be used to fight the darkness.
Similarly, there are fan theories that suggest Davos is actually the Warrior of Light. He was pulled from the sea and resuscitated during the Battle of the Blackwater, which means he was reborn amidst salt and smoke. We see him handle the sword Stannis claims is Lightbringer in season 2 (which is on fire), and there’s also a suggestion that his being around Stannis could have somehow mislead Melisandre into thinking Stannis was the ‘Prince who was promised’. It’s an interesting theory, for sure.
Prediction is suggested by Tatevik from the House Stark of Winterfell
Winter is coming